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Meet the Renter – Molly

As you hopefully know by now, building a community of happy brides is very much part of our mission here at Something Borrowed. We exist to make dreams come true, in an affordable and sustainable way. Brides no longer need to go for the more traditional retail options, there is more on offer, alternatives, something else. There is the option to find the perfect dress, that doesn’t cost the earth, or blow your budget, yet still makes you feel your very best on your most magical day. 

We continue to champion that wedding dress rental is a positive option for brides to be everywhere. We work with you whatever your needs and can also offer bridesmaid dress rental too. We adore being a part of your special day and are so pleased to be able to share with you, another magical story, from one of our recent beautiful brides, Molly. Cup of tea ready, here goes…

Meet the Renter

Name: Molly 

Age: 29

Date of Wedding: 27th August 2021 

Location: Beaconsfield

Husband: Nick

Molly, can we please begin at the start of your wedding story, how did Nick propose?

We went for a trip to Ellenborough Park for my birthday, and as the sun was setting, Nick popped the question there and then.

If you’ve had one favourite aspect of planning your big day, what has it been?

It has honestly been everyone else’s excitement for the big day.

Did you have a theme for your wedding?

We didn’t go with a theme as such, it was quite relaxed, just how we wanted it.

So, did you take a relaxed approach to the planning or were you quite organised?

I am quite an organised person so yes, definitely pretty organised when it came to the planning.

What about the all-important cake?

It was the classic Victoria sponge which was made by the Mother of the Groom.

How sweet! What about your first dance?

It was ‘Your Love is My Love’ by Whitney Houston.

Have you planned your honeymoon?

We actually haven’t decided yet as we have decided to wait until all the restrictions are lifted so we have more choice and can choose somewhere we really want to go.

Did you consider buying a dress, or was renting always your preferred option? 

I always wanted to rent my dress as I knew I would never wear it again. However, I thought I would have to buy one as the rental places I had found only seemed to stock quite puffy, quite outdated styles, so I was set on buying one to be able to get the look I wanted. I then stumbled across Something Borrowed and was delighted!

What benefits did you find with renting? And were there are compromises?

I found numerous benefits, from the financial saving to knowing it is more environmentally friendly. I also think it is quite nice knowing there is a story behind the dress. In terms of compromises, sizing was quite challenging for me as I’d had a baby four months prior and was between two dress sizes, but with the teams help we overcame this.

So, with the financial saving, did you cut your budget overall or put it towards another aspect of the wedding? And did other aspects of your day have the Something Borrowed aspect too?

It instantly went towards something else, which was great. And yes, we rented most of our decorations for the day too.

Why did you choose to rent from Something Borrowed?

The dresses are timeless, and I wanted something simple, believing that less is more, and Something Borrowed offered this with their range of dresses. The selection was perfect, and I knew I would find something perfect.

Did you take advantage of the try at home service?

Yes absolutely, because I was between sizing I needed to try on and work out the best option. The team was so patient with me, I can’t thank them enough.

How long did you rent your dress for? And how did you find the receiving and returning of your dress?

I rented it for four days, thank you again to Something Borrowed who made this possible with their incredible understanding and patience. It all ran smoothly; the process is perfect and all part of the deal.

So, you would recommend doing it this way?

Yes, I have been telling everyone how amazing the service has been, basically anyone who will listen! If a bride is considering renting, my advice is ‘do it’!

Thank you for letting us share in your special day Molly, and a heartfelt congratulations to you and Nick. Here’s wishing you a future of happiness from us all here at Something Borrowed and thank you again for choosing us to be a part of your big day.

We know planning your wedding is very individual, and finding the dress of your dreams is so important, which is why we really do work with you to ensure you find the one. If you are looking for wedding dress hire or to hire bridesmaid dresses, please get in touch so we can work together to find you your perfect garments.

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